Golden Pagodas, Golden Mangoes and more;

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Mary wants her food tourism to empower locals in Myanmar and to improve their well being.

36 years ago Mary visited Burma; a country that was then under military rule with restrictions of where you could go and how long you could stay- 7 nights only. Mary had always wanted to return and so she did- in 2017 and then again in 2018 to monitor the impact of negative Rohingya global social media. Mary was amazed – the Strand hotel that was once overrun by rats and falling down has been returned to its former glory and rivals Raffles. The roads that required 4-wheel drives are now newly sealed. Horizons are now studded with stupas gilded in gold leaf. For Mary the greatest change was in the food; agricultural improvement has resulted in markets filled with fresh produce; the mangoes the best ever - so to give others a chance to taste,  arguably the world’s best mangoes, Mary returned with her Inaugural Tour in 2019 and will return again during the mango season. The impact of global social media has been huge; with many hotels reporting 80% occupancy loss in the last two years , through no fault of their own. The best thing Mary can do is return with others.

Myanmar Golden Tour - Golden Pagodas, Golden Mangoes 


I  have been hoping daily for a miracle cure for Covid 19. My world changed when I received this-

“The New Zealand Government is now advising all New Zealanders to avoid non-essential travel overseas due to the outbreak of COVID-19, associated health risks and travel restrictions”


As soon as travel advisories are changed and restrictions are lifted I will return to my tours with a vengeance - but in the meantime- I regret to advise that I have no alternative but to cancel my planned 2020 Food Matters Tours and all associated bookings.


My hope is that like the flower of Sri Lanka we will soon be able to emerge with new plans; The Sri Lankan Water Lily - from out of a quagmire can emerge something beautiful

My tours have continued despite volcanic eruption, earthquakes, bombs, revolution, floods, civil war, demonetisation, tsunamis, and massacres but these pale into insignificance compared to the global impact of this current virus; especially for the elderly.  


I hope that you and your families and friends remain well and that we will reunite as soon as this pandemic is eradicated

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