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Sri Lanka...

A taste of history through the food and the architecture of the places we stay. 

Mary's introduction to Sri Lanka came 25 years ago when  buying tea for a supermarket chain. Often described as India for beginners, this country continues to surprise.

Mary loves Sri Lanka. Nowhere else can you so literally taste history:Sinhalese spices, Portuguese fish, Dutch curd, English bread and butter pudding and now the wonderful crab curries of the Tamil areas in the North.


Experience a country in recovery and change. 

A cataclysmic tsunami struck Sri Lanka on Boxing Day 2004, wiping out whole villages and drowning thousands. We visit coastal areas aided by New Zealanders.


11 years ago peace returned to this beautiful island after years of civil unrest, allowing travel to areas previously out of bounds. Things were improving for local people until the Easter 2019 terrorist attacks;- the impact on local people's lives has been catastrophic due to the loss of income from tourists. The good news is that  Government travel warnings have been relaxed.


Mary believes the best support we can give to this wonderful place is to return with others. Listen to Mary on Radio Live discussing Sri Lanka and why tourists should return. 




Mary's promise: a daily food or architecture experience - usually both and usually more than one'.


Food Matters Tours: through focus on food, an insight in to another's world.

Food and Architecture Tours 2021

Sri Lanka was named the top destination for 2019 by Lonely Planet but after the 2019 Easter Massacre tourist numbers dropped, and Sri Lanka disappeared from the Top 10. Mary returned with small groups in May and September 2019; felt safe  and was treated like royalty for returning to support locals.

And now the world wide pandemic- " I love Sri Lanka and plan to return  when all travel advisories are lifted



As soon as travel advisories are changed and restrictions are lifted I will return to my tours with a vengeance - but in the meantime- I regret to advise that I have no alternative but to cancel my planned 2021 Food Matters Tours and all associated bookings.


My hope is that like the flower of Sri Lanka we will soon be able to emerge with new plans; The Sri Lankan Water Lily - from out of a quagmire can emerge something beautiful

My tours have continued despite volcanic eruption, earthquakes, bombs, revolution, floods, civil war, demonetisation, tsunamis, and massacres but these pale into insignificance compared to the global impact of this current virus; especially for the elderly.  


I hope that you and your families and friends remain well and that we will reunite as soon as this pandemic is eradicated

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